Continuing the Legacy of Troy McQueen – Dynamo 74

Troy Anthony McQueen was born on February 3, 1974 to Tony and Vicki McQueen.  He was the proud big brother of his little sister and best friend, Tiffany McQueen.

Some of Troy’s early childhood friends recall that he was the type of kid that you were either friends with or you wanted to be friends with. He was funny, smart, charismatic, and loyal. He would do anything for the people he cared about. Troy started playing soccer in the Pike Youth League at the tender age of seven, not because he liked soccer, but because his best friend, who was afraid to play, asked him to join.  In an effort to support his friend, Troy scrambled to get into the soccer league.  Being a last minute decision, he was able to get into the league, but he was not able to join his friend’s team. Little did he know, his good deed would turn into a life-long passion. From this point on, soccer would go on to introduce him to a whole new world of people that he embraced. He was calm and at peace on the soccer field.

From the age of seven, Troy was in his element on the soccer field. He played for several teams as a child, but really excelled when he joined the Dynamo 74.  Troy was described as a “warrior” on the field with his killer instinct.  He had natural talent and inspired others to become stronger, faster, and better players.  His teammates described him as “a goal scorer, very fast, pure, unstoppable, gifted, a game changer”. One teammate shared “he would get those arms moving and that was a wrap…lol”.  Another teammate reflects, “several times Troy would show up late to a game and then go on to win the game for us, I repeat, several times.  I remember one time he showed up late in orange and dark red Ellesse sneakers. He went into warrior mode and won the game”. The Dynamo 74 team went on to win two Club Championships and had several regional appearances.  During his time at North Central High School, Troy continued his unstoppable spirit.  Wearing the #16 jersey, Troy and the North Central Panthers were Regional Champions and he was given the honor of playing on the Indiana State Team.  

Because of his skills, Troy was affectionately called ‘little Pele’, a nod to the famous Brazilian soccer player. 

Troy was a devoted father. Playing, coaching, and teaching his own son, Xavier, to play soccer was his passion. His personality was contagious, he never met a stranger, he had an amazing spirit that never faltered, and his joyous outlook was loved by so many.

Supporting the Troy McQueen Dynamo Scholarship will not only help to keep Troy’s love of the game of soccer alive, but it will enable other boys, specifically African American males, who otherwise might not be able to afford to play for a team such as Dynamo, this opportunity.  We hope that participating in the Dynamo FC program will transform the lives of others the way it did for Troy.

Troy peacefully transitioned on February 25, 2021 at the age of 47-years-old.