Seniors Player Age Group
  • U13 – Players born in 2012 
  • U14 – Players born in 2011
  • U15 –  Players born in 2010
  • U16 –  Players born in 2009
  • U17 –  Players born in 2008
  • U18 –  Players born in 2007
  • U19 –  Players born in 2006
Player Development Stage
More advanced technical and tactical development. Attacking and defending principles must be a part of all games. Important aspects of the tactical training are speed to play, quick transition counter attacking and finishing in the final third, as well as pressing. Players should be expected to show commitment to the team, concentration in training sessions and competitiveness during the game. 
Player & Family Expectations
Dynamo FC’s core values foster individual technical development, commitment, fair play, and excellence. Commit to their team for a full year, including fall and spring seasons. Players are expected to attend team training sessions, matches & scheduled functions. Additionally, in order to provide a rich environment, Dynamo FC expects each family to volunteer time to the club, assist with fundraising and help out where needed. 
The Dynamo Kit is expected to cost approximately $140, which includes Adidas home and away kits, practice shirt, and socks.
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All players will have the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities in individual, small group & large group activities. Players may be offered a roster spot on a Dynamo FC Team at any time during the tryout process or up to 48-hours following its completion.

Seniors Staff

Geoff Miyamoto
(317) 319-2597
U13 Boys Red (2012)
Donald Oldham
U13 Boys Black (2012)
Donald Oldham
U14 Boys Red (2011)
George Rhodes
U14 Boys Black (2011)
Romaric Berneron
U15 Boys Red (2010)
Kevin Collins
U15 Boys Black (2010)
Romaric Berneron
U17 Boys Red (2008)
Romaric Berneron
U18 Boys Red (2007)
Romaric Berneron
U13 Girls Red (2012)
Geoff Miyamoto
U14 Girls Red (2011)
Ric Huffman
U14 Girls Black (2011)
Mike Shannon
U15 Girls Red (2010)
Ric Huffman
U16 Girls Red (2009)
Geoff Miyamoto
U16 Girls Black (2009)
Katrina Maier
U17 Girls Red (2008)
Geoff Miyamoto
U18 Girls Red (2007)
Pat Shea
Program Image

30 Apr, 2024 - 15 Apr, 2025

2024-2025 Tryouts

2024/2025 Tryouts

Fees include:

  • Training sessions: 3 weekly training sessions.
  • Coaching staff including state and nationally licensed coaches and technical directors.
  • Winter indoor training sessions and Turf Fees.
  • 9 League Games (ISL), including End- of- Year League Tournament (within the league).
  • Registration Fees for one league and Referee Fees.
  • Upkeep for Dynamo FC’s fields and administration of the club.
**Any questions about fees can be directed to Keith Pempek, Club Administrator at **
Dynamo FC Scholarship:
Scholarship opportunities available each calendar year. Families interested in applying for a scholarship must complete the Scholarship Application Form and submit it to the Club Administrator prior to July 1. All families must pay the non-refundable deposit in order to be considered for a scholarship. Questions and completed forms should be directed to the Club Administrator.