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INDIANAPOLIS, IN: Dynamo FC and FC Pride sat down with Dynamo DOC Ric Huffman and FC Pride EDOC Jamie Gilbert to chat about the partnership news that was released today:
Picture of Ric Huffman

Ric Huffman

Executive Director
Dynamo FC

Picture of Jamie Gilbert

Jamie Gilbert

Executive Director of Coaching
FC Pride


RH: The partnership has a multitude of benefits. The proximity and size of each club is ideal for this partnership. This is a great opportunity for Dynamo players to experience a pathway of development and play that will optimize growth as well as opportunity.  In addition, we look forward to a deeper player pool, more playing opportunities for all players, sharing facilities as well as supporting each other’s events.

JG: I agree with Ric, there are many ways that all of the players at both clubs will benefit from this.  In addition to the competitive opportunities available I am excited to be able to bring groups of players together in training settings to aid their development.  With the depth we can create within age groups and the coaching talent within both organizations, the players will be big beneficiaries of this partnership.

RH: Right place, right time, right people. Jamie and I have a solid vision and understanding of what we want for our players and families, this partnership fits in a uniquely good way. We have both been with our respective clubs for well over a decade and have an appreciation and respect for one another in how we want to engage young players and provide opportunities for them to grow in the game and reach their full potential.


JG: The soccer landscape has been moving very quickly in recent years. Rather than react to the next change that may occur, we are being proactive and starting a journey together that will provide players opportunities, while strengthening both clubs from top to bottom and align our clubs throughout the vision that Ric touched on. Both clubs are experiencing periods of growth, and we are partnering at a time of strength which is obviously a preferred situation than two clubs that partner through necessity.


RH: If you are a young Dynamo player or parent, this is exciting news. Many times, players and parents are left on their own when deciding on whether or not to leave our club to pursue other opportunities. With this partnership, Dynamo players will have the ability to go through the player identification process without the pressure of moving clubs. Dynamo FC and FC Pride can work together to help players and parents navigate the landscape of youth soccer all the while staying right at home! 

JG: I truly believe that for a player to maximize their potential they need to be in a training setting with great coaching and other like-minded and/or like-skilled players. If we can increase the intensity in developmental situations this can only be positive for our players. As coaches we are always searching for ways to limit the disparity between the players in the group, this partnership enables us to do so. 

RH: We are excited to share resources and information with the staff at FC Pride. We feel like we have a lot to offer and a lot to learn. Working together will only make us better.


JG: The more brains that are in the room, the better we will all become as coaches. I think the idea share element of this is huge. We are currently putting together joint coaching development/education days which will benefit both staffs. I feel that the chance to coach new and different players is also a benefit to coaches, as it takes them out of their comfort zone and pushes them each session. 

RH: We always encourage our players and parents to connect with their coach and program director of the club when contemplating big decisions.  


JG: The agreed process is that players should reach out directly to their current coach. There will be transparent communication between FC Pride and Dynamo so we will all be aware of any players seeking opportunities.

RH: I think we will have a noticeable impact this fall. Each coaching staff has already begun their planning and we feel that the impact will be immediate.

JG: I agree, there is likely to be an immediate impact. What excites me about the partnership is the potential we have to create something that continues to have an impact year on year. When we get this right with the younger age groups at the club, we will see real progress in the coming years.

RH: We feel that the partnership will garner more opportunities for all involved. We are hopeful that the by-product of providing opportunities and pathways for players will produce better players and better teams coming out of Indianapolis.  

JG: With both clubs in a position of strength at the time of this partnership I think that this will be something that can make a positive change in the Indianapolis soccer community. With the pathway we are creating offering so many opportunities, players do not need to look beyond our organizations. The more players, coaches and families that are impacted by a positive environment the greater impact we can have in the local community.

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